McDonald’s Workers Come Forward to Allege Sexual Harassment at Work

Altshuler Berzon LLP has filed charges on behalf of workers at McDonald’s who have come forward in the wake of the #MeToo movement to allege they have been sexually harassed at work.  Together with co-counsel, and with the financial support of the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund™, the firm has filed EEOC and state-level charges on behalf of eleven women and is continuing to investigate additional reported incidents of harassment at McDonald’s.  The workers Altshuler Berzon represents are asking the EEOC to investigate not only the individual franchises where they work, but also McDonald’s Corporate, and to do so on a nationwide systemic level.  On September 18, 2018, McDonald’s workers in ten cities – including some of the workers Altshuler Berzon represents – participated in strikes organized by the Fight for $15 that demanded that McDonald’s take steps necessary to end pervasive sexual harassment of its employees, including by providing adequate training and a safe and confidential reporting mechanism and by strengthening and enforcing their existing policies, among other demands.