Altshuler Berzon LLP seeks fair wages for community college part-time faculty

Altshuler Berzon LLP has filed a class action lawsuit against the Long Beach Community College District seeking to change the District’s compensation practices for part-time instructional faculty and obtain damages for minimum wages owed. The lawsuit alleges that the district’s compensation structure for part-time instructional faculty, also known as adjunct faculty, violates California minimum wage law. Part-time instructional faculty members are paid only for the time they spend teaching in the classroom, but receive no compensation for the work they perform outside the classroom in connection with teaching their classes. This outside-the-classroom time includes such work as preparing for classes, grading student tests and writing assignments, and communicating with students. The lawsuit alleges that the District knows and expects part-time instructional faculty members to perform this outside-the-classroom work, and that it is unlawful for the District to refuse to compensate part-time instructional faculty members for the many hours that they necessarily work outside the classroom to teach their classes effectively.

The lawsuit, Karen Roberts and Seija Rohkea v. Long Beach Community College District, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, seeks damages, liquidated damages, penalties, and injunctive and declaratory relief on behalf of a class of at least 600 individuals.