Inland Empire United and Latino Voters Challenge Riverside County’s Discriminatory Redistricting under the California FAIR MAPS Act and California Constitution

On June 14, 2022, community advocacy organization Inland Empire United and six Latino Riverside County voters filed suit against Riverside County, its Board of Supervisors, and its Registrar of Voters challenging the County’s 2021 Board of Supervisors redistricting plan under the California FAIR MAPS Act and California Constitution.  Latinos make up nearly half of all residents of Riverside County and roughly two-fifths of the voting population.  Despite considerable growth in the Latino population in the last few decades, there has only been one Latino supervisor on the County’s Board in its 129-year history.  The lawsuit alleges that the County’s 2021 redistricting plan, which includes only a single district with a majority Latino citizen voting age population, unlawfully dilutes the votes of Latino residents, “cracking” Latino communities of interest and denying them equal opportunity to elect candidates of their choice in supervisor elections.

Altshuler Berzon LLP represents plaintiffs Inland Empire United and four individual Riverside County voters in the lawsuit.  The ACLU of Southern California and law firm Sheppard Mullin together represent two other individual Riverside County voter plaintiffs.

The complaint is available here.  A press release issued by Inland Empire United and the ACLU of Southern California is available here.