In April 2020, Altshuler Berzon LLP and Werman Salas P.C. filed a putative class action lawsuit against McDonald’s, on behalf of all women who work at McDonald’s corporate owned and operated restaurants in Florida. The lawsuit, Fairley et al. v. McDonald’s Corp., et al., alleges a pattern of unchecked sexual harassment at 100 restaurants in Florida. In particular, the lawsuit alleges that McDonald’s does not have adequate policies, procedures, and training to prevent sex harassment. It also alleges that McDonald’s fails to train low level managers – to whom reports of sex harassment are most frequently made or who may actually observe the harassment while performing their job – as to what to do when they receive a report of harassment or observe harassment themselves. The case also alleges that individuals responsible for supervising multiple restaurants fail to adequately investigate sexual harassment complaints or discipline harassers.  McDonald’s filed a motion to dismiss the case, and to strike the class action allegations. The Court denied that motion, finding that Plaintiffs had alleged sufficient facts to move forward on all of their claims on behalf of all women workers at McDonald’s corporate owned and operated restaurants in Florida. The Plaintiffs are seeking $500 million in class-wide damages, and new and improved policies, procedures and training to prevent and remedy sexual harassment.

Highlights of news coverage of the case:

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